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spacer Happy 12th Birthday Nova-Outpost spacer

Birthday Happy Birthday to us Smile Smile Smile

12years ago i started this site and we are still here today! Lets hope for another 12 to come.
We are not done yet we still have some new stuff coming, Mods, Maps...

Thanks to those who have support us over the years.

Posted by ~BLÃÐE~ on Friday, June 03, 2016 (22:54:56)

spacer BHD Full Features App spacer

BHD Revive your favorite missions.

Sets Global AI difficulty and applies the /d argument which enables the user to enjoy all the features of custom missions.

Play BHD and TS with custom features enabled.

Choose from 3 levels of difficulty. Difficulty levels for BHD will feature Regenerating Health for Low difficulty ranging to Degrading Health for High difficulty.

Version is configured for (Single Player only)

Available >>HERE<<

Posted by ~BLÃÐE~ on Saturday, May 28, 2016 (22:25:41)

spacer DF BHD Revival spacer

BHD Revival Dear Older Gamers,

This is a message to announce the development of DF BHD Revival, an update to the classic PC game Delta Force: Black Hawk Down (inc team sabre).
As players we are making this for players and will there for be addressing old issues and creating lots of new functionality.
While under development we are calling this project, BHD Revival. Once we're ready to release, we may rename the update.

Everyone involved with this project remembers BHD in the old days, busy servers and great times. We all want that time back. Its that simple.

Posted by ~BLÃÐE~ on Monday, April 11, 2016 (09:36:55) Read More... (2.3 KB) |

spacer DF2 Evolution (EVO Mod) 1.0.3 update spacer

DF2 An update to the EVO Mod bring it up to version 1.0.3

*UNZIP ALL FILES TO YOUR DF2 GAME FOLDER* (wherever your DF2.exe file is)
Includes 2 dll files, as well as"EVOClient2.exe" and "EVOClient4.exe"
It will auto-detect your Windows version and auto-run the necessary EVOClient which then reports your EVO version to the server.


Updates in this version include...
Fixed glitches in some buildings
New buildings including "Kulkulcan's Temple."
New items including the "Dragon!

Posted by ~BLÃÐE~ on Friday, April 08, 2016 (22:07:36)

spacer April Interview spacer

Interview This month's interview is with JB*AUS* from Australian Universal Soldiers
Have a read >>HERE<<

Get to know the People behind the scene, site owners, mappers, coder...
Anyone you would like to see interviewed?

Posted by ~BLÃÐE~ on Thursday, March 31, 2016 (22:25:49)

spacer TIO COOP Mod spacer

BHD The TIO COOP 1.9.1 Mod is for BHD:TS
We have added the 191 version to the downloads >>HERE<<
It adds some cool feature to game with new weapons, sounds and re skins of most things.
There are servers up so jump in for a game of coop.

TIO COOP 1.9.2 is coming out later this year
For more information drop by there site and find out more

Posted by ~BLÃÐE~ on Friday, March 25, 2016 (20:37:45)

spacer March Interview spacer

Interview This month's interview is with site owner ~BLÃÐE~
No one got back to me in time so i figured i would interview myself lol

Have a read >>HERE<<

Get to know the People behind the scene, site owners, mappers, coder...
Anyone you would like to see interviewed?

Posted by ~BLÃÐE~ on Saturday, March 19, 2016 (23:27:33)

spacer Delta Force Operations Mod spacer

BHD Delta Force Operations is a Single Player Enhancement Mod (Beta2 Version) for BHD:TS

This mod is meant to improve the game graphics and gameplay.
  • It includes better looking skins for vehicles, weapons, buildings, soldiers (for instance the Rangers in the second Team Sabre mission in Colombia finally get woodland camo instead of the stock 3-color desert)
  • It corrects most of the annoying bugs and glitches in single player maps (misplaced objects are removed, missing sounds and/or wrong voiceovers are corrected)
  • It adds a large array of different sounds to make each weapon sound unique (for instance the light machine guns now use three different reloading sounds like in Joint Ops).
Beta 2 now includes additional terrains, all the terrains from DF2/DFLW/DFTFD/DFX/DFX2/JO/JOE/Armored Fist 3/Comanche 4 have been converted and reworked for the DFBHD game engine.

Future releases will address other bugs and hopefully will include more items for map mapmakers.

Available in your download section >>HERE<<

Posted by ~BLÃÐE~ on Sunday, February 21, 2016 (23:52:22)

spacer February Interview spacer

Interview This month's interview is with modder, Baldo_the_Don.

Have a read >>HERE<<

Get to know the People behind the scene, site owners, mappers, coder...
Anyone you would like to see interviewed?

Posted by ~BLÃÐE~ on Monday, February 01, 2016 (03:31:16)

spacer BHD Pinger Update spacer

Downloads Hey guys the TIO Group have updated the BHD Pinger v6.0

Installs Desktop Shortcut.
Pinger displays the game servers.

Added the Novaworld.cc Lobby (Alternative Novaworld Lobby) via the "Play Public Games" link.
Your Desktop Shortcut starts the Pinger in "Run as Administrator" Mode.
Limited the Pinger startup errors to just one error.
"Autorefresh Server Info on startup" is turned on by default.
avaliable in the same download link as before >>HERE<<

Posted by ~BLÃÐE~ on Monday, January 04, 2016 (06:20:06)

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