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DF:LW Weapons

Weapons that you can use in Delta Force Land Warrior

Primary Weapons

This light support machine gun is ore lethal and has greater penetration than the SAW, however it tends to be less accurate.

M4 Masterkey
Lightweight and accurate, the M4 is based on the larger M16. The Masterkey incorporates a highly modified Remington M870 shotgun attached under the barrel under the rifle.

This extremly light assault rifle is relatively quiet and has little recoil due to it's lack of extractors or spent casings.

With excellent accuracy, ambidextrous ergonomic design and an integrated grenade launcher, the AUG (Armee Universal Gewehr) is a first rate assault rifle.

Built sturdy and simple to operate, the AK-47 is the preferred weapon of many former Warsaw Pact armies.

Although heavier than most other assault rifles, the OICW is highly accurate, sturdy and lethal. The ideal weapon for the Land Warrior program.

Intended to be used for underwater combat, the UAR quietly fires specially designed 150mm long darts which are capable of penetrating wet suits and farce masks at range.

The 12 shot revolver on the MM-1 allows for easy loading and rapid firing.

Pancor Jackhammer
A pre-loaded rotating cylinder gives the Jackhammer it's relatively high rate of fire for a shotgun.

This light rifle is highly accurate, though it's range and penetration is compromised by the build-in silencer and it's subsonic ammunition.

Barrett .50
The Barrett 0.50 "Light Fifty"model 82A1 is a long-range hard target interdiction weapon. Equipped with 14x zoom scope.

Based on the Remington model 700, this bold action rifle is optimized for pinpoint accuracy. Equipped with 10x zoom scope.

This hand-held light support machine gun delivers a massive amount of firepower to support infantry squad operations.

Secondary Weapons

The UMP is considered more reliable than the MP5 with it's better range and stopping power.

The Calico's relatively low accuracy is amde up for by it's high magazine capacity.

Build with the special HK roller-locked bolt system, this silent sub-machine gun is capable of single-shot, controlled burst and full-automatic firing.


This virtually silent pistol is used for infiltration from sea to shore. An electric charge is used to fire the rounds.

.45 SOC
Made from a polymer plastic, the .45 reemploys a mechanical recoil reduction system and the signature Heckler Koch polygonal barrel for increased accuracy.

.45 SOC S
The added silencer allows for virtually silent takedowns. However, it will also decrease muzzle velocity and slightly degrade the stopping power of the weapon.

Glock 18
The Glock 18 is extremely formidable due to it's lightweight conceal-ability and capacity for firing fully automatic.


Frag Grenade
6 Fragmentation Grenades: Detonates on impact.

Delay Grenade
6 Fragmentation Grenades: Time delay (4-7 seconds).


Designated the AT-4 by the US Army, the Alliant Techsystems M136 rocket launcher is considered disposable and recoil-less.

Satchel Charge
After placing this high explosive pack on your target, move to a safe range and detonate with a radion signal.

This directional fragmentation mine is planted in the ground with the convex side facing the enemy (clearly marked, "FRONT TOWARD ENEMY").




Double ammo load.

Kevlar Vest
Provides limited resistance to small arms fire.

Allows operative to stay underwater longer. Wearing the LAR-V on land will decrease your movement speed.

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