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DF2 Weapons

Weapons that you can use in Delta Force 2

Primary Weapons

M4 and Shotgun (The Masterkey)
Magazine: 30 round, 5 12-gauge 70 mm cartridges
Effective Range: 500 meters
Accessories: 4x Scope
Lightweight and accurate, the M4 is used for close quarter combat just like its larger
cousin the M16. In addition, an attached M68 reflex sight allows for effective lethal fire
at a range up to 500 meters. The M4 is gas operated, air cooled and highly reliable in
field use. The Master Key incorporates a highly modified Remington Model 870
shotgun attached under the barrel of the rifle. Named for its practical use in opening
(removing) doors, the Master Key is a favorite among Delta Force operatives.


M4 5.56mm Carbine Assault Rifle and Grenade Launcher
Magazine: 30 round, 1 grenade in magazine
Effective Range: 500 meters
Accessories: 4x Scope
A single shot M203 Grenade Launcher is fitted to the M4 to deliver low velocity 40 mm
explosive ammunition. The rifle/grenade launcher marriage replaces the need for
single purpose weapons such as the M79 grenade launcher.

Heckler & Koch 9mm MP5 SD3 Submachine Gun
Magazine: 30 round
Effective Range: 100 meters
Accessories: Integral suppressor
A deadly combination, the H&K MP5 SD3 is both silent and accurate. Built with the
special H&K roller-locked bolt system, this submachine gun is capable of single-shot,
controlled burst and semi-automatic firing. Coated with magnetically charged black
lacquer paint, the MP5 is extremely resistant to harsh conditions such as salt water
corrosion. The free floating cold hammer-forged barrel and ambidextrous pistol grip
make this weapon unique in its class.


M249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon)Magazine: 200 rounds per box
Effective Range: 800 meters
This hand-held portable machine gun delivers a massive amount of firepower
to support infantry squad operations. Its pre-loaded plastic magazine houses 200
rounds of M855 improved NATO Standard SS 109 type 5.56mm ammunition. The
M249 replaces the aging Browning Automatic Rifle and defines a new class of
one-man weapons. Being a heavy weapon, the SAW will slow you down slightly.


M40A1 Sniper Rifle
Magazine: 5 round
Effective Range: 800 meters
Accessories: 10x Scope
Based on the Remington model 700, this 7.62mm rifle is optimized for pinpoint
accuracy. Hand-made by specialists at Quantico, the M40A1 is renown for its
competition-grade stainless steel barrel, reinforced fiberglass stock and 10x power
sniper scope. The M40A1 is the preferred sniping rifle among U.S. Marines.


Barrett Light .50 caliber Sniper Rifle
Magazine: 8 round (the magazine holds 10 rounds, but experts only use
8 to avoid jamming.)
Effective Range: 1500 meters
Accessories: 10x Scope
The Barrett 0.50 'Light Fifty' model 82A1 is a long-range hard target interdiction weapon.
The gun operates on short recoil principles, where the barrel is fitted with a highefficiency
muzzle brake to reduce recoil. An adjustable self-leveling bipod aids the sniper
in aiming this high-powered rifle. The Barrett is heavy and cannot be fired accurately
while moving. Snipers are most accurate in the prone position with the Barrett.


5.66 mm APS Underwater Assault Rifle
Magazine: 26 drag-stabilized darts
Effective Range: 100 meters in air, 30 meters underwater
Intended to be used for underwater combat, the 5.66 mm APS rifle quietly fires specially
designed 150 mm long darts which are capable of penetrating wet suits and face
masks at range. The actual range of the weapon under water will vary with depth.

Secondary Weapons



Satchel Charge with Radio Detonator
Packed with high explosive charges, the army issue satchel is a quick and
compact way of taking out enemy installations. After placing the package, Delta
Force Operatives move to a safe range and detonate it with a radio signal.

M18 Claymore with Motion Sensors
The M18 Claymore was developed during the Korean War to counteract massive
infantry charges by the Chinese. The anti-personnel mine is made up of a curved
plate that contains 700 ball bearings packed in front of a sheet of C4 plastic
explosive. Directional fragmentation mines are fixed into trees or planted on the
ground with the convex side facing the enemy (clearly marked, "FRONT TOWARD
ENEMY"). When activated, it explodes the ball bearings up to 50 meters in a 60
degree arc.

LAW (Light Antitank Weapon)
Effective Range: 400 meters
The M-72 Light Antitank Weapon fires a single 66mm explosive round capable of
penetrating at least 350mm of armor. When the round impacts its target, the front
cone collapses and pushes the energy into a small area. A copper slug ricochets
around the interior of the target, while gas propellant ignites fuel and ammunition.
The high strength aluminum/fiberglass composite tube is considered disposable
after the rocket has been launched.


Extra Ammo Load: For Primary Weapon

6 Fragmentation Grenades: Choose either Impact or Time Delay (4-7 seconds).


Laser Designator: For designating targets for artillery strikes


Ka-Bar Knife: For silent close combat take-downs


Binoculars: Use the B key for long range observation



Special Operations .45 Pistol
Magazine: 10 round
Effective Range: 50 meters
Delta Force uses the Heckler & Koch USSOCOM semi-automatic pistol as its standard sidearm. Made
from a polymer plastic, the .45 employs a mechanical recoil reduction system and the signature
Heckler & Koch polygonal barrel for increased accuracy.



Special Operations .45 Pistol, Silenced
Magazine: 10 round
Effective Range: 50 meters
The added silencer allows for virtually silent takedowns. The silencer, however, will decrease muzzle
velocity and slightly degrade the stopping power of the weapon.



Heckler & Koch P11 Underwater Pistol
Magazine: 5 round
Effective Range: 15 meters
Delta Force operatives use this virtually silent pistol for infiltration from sea to shore. An electric charge
is used to fire the rounds.

Auxillary Gear


Lar V Rebreather & Fins
Allows operative to stay underwater longer. Wearing the Lar V on land will decrease your
movement speed.


Ghillie Suit
Optimum camouflage suit for a sniper.


Kevlar Vest
Provides limited resistance to small arms fire.


Military Surveillance Camera
Use the "Fire" key to place this highly durable field video unit down. Use your Surveillance camera (F12
key) to remotely view what the camera sees.

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