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#1: Lighting Author: ~BLÃÐE~Location: Gold Coast - AU PostPosted: Sat Feb 09, 2019 5:36 pm
Been a while since i posted anything
I got back into the editor and worked out lighting the other day
I will prob do a tutorial on it shortly
This is a car i imported and setup for JO/DFX2

A quick police car with flashing lights attached to the vehicle
It drives and siren comes on when you move
Also has a horn button for the busy streets lol

#2: Re: Lighting Author: tedsmellyLocation: Qld Australia PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 10:10 am
Nice work Blade. I am glad you are still making models. It's a big learning curve but well worth it.

#3: Re: Lighting Author: ~BLÃÐE~Location: Gold Coast - AU PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 5:27 pm
Thanks Ted, i have been working on a few buildings as well i will show case shortly just want to get some of the bugs out of what i have already done in the past.

#4: Re: Lighting Author: ~BLÃÐE~Location: Gold Coast - AU PostPosted: Fri Feb 15, 2019 7:20 am
Ok rather than start a new topic i will add the info here instead.

There are a few types of lighting, one is illuminate or omni lighting
I will cover illuminate today

Flashing Lights are done the same as Rotating Pictures which i have already shown before.

Ok we need 2 images about 64px x 64px, 1 x Red 1x Blue.
Name the images flash01.tga and flash02.tga

Open 3DMax and make a square 1m x 1m x 1m
Add a texture to the box say flash02.tga
Save and Export as ASE

Open the SuperOED, import the ASE you just made.
Go to Edit>Materials. On the right you have
Shader Selection - If you change this to "Boring, single texture, opaque, selflum" it will illuminate the image.
You will see a new option appear RGB Gen
Click on it, scroll to the second last one on the list "Set Control Register"
Next you see 2 black boxes Start and Finish, click on them can change to a white color or anything to suit your purpose.

- Tick 2 Sided and Animated to add the second image
Texture (Animated) - First you will see Frame, click on it and change to 2.
Next is Rate, click on it and change to 100 (100ms) this will made the images rotate fast like flashing lights
Diffuse 1 will be the original image flash02 and change Diffuse 2 to flash01.tga
Now Export the flashing lights as say FlashingL.3di
Pack it into the .pff and add the new FlashingL info to the items.def and pack it as well.

So what we have done is tell it to illuminate the 2 images, rotate them at 100ms.
In the clip below i have added 2 boxes one on the left is illuminated and one on the right is not, just flashing images

#5: Re: Lighting Author: ~BLÃÐE~Location: Gold Coast - AU PostPosted: Fri Feb 15, 2019 8:40 am
Omni Lighting

Omni lighting is used mostly indoors for buildings.
If you make a model building with an interior it will need omni lighting for it or it will be all black/dark inside at night.

Open 3DMax, import your building, click the light icon.
Click on Omni button.
On the right you have the options to set it up.
General Parameters
Make sure the first option is ticked Targ. Dist:
You will see Far Attenuation, tick both of those now adjust the distances
For Use Start I set it at 1.0m
For Show End I set it at 10m
This depends on the size of the interior your trying to light up, sometimes you will need 2 or more lights to cover it properly

Add you light and raise it to where you want it
Now we need to change the name of the light to LP01Light01
So you now have on the left side
Save and Export as ASE

Open the SuperOED import the ASE you just made
Click on Edit>Lighting Sources
You should see LP01Lighting01 on the left and options on the right
Click on Color Gen
Scroll to the second last listing and select Set Control Register
Change the Start value to White or what ever color you want the glow to be.
At the bottom control register you want to change it to UPL_INTENSITY and click ok.
Save and Export 3di

I intensified the light for the image below to show a stronger light for effect purposes.

Below is a Street Light with and illuminated image for light bulb and a Free Spot light added, a Free Spot light you can change the length, width, intensity of it.

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