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#1: Security Camera Author: ~BLÃÐE~Location: Gold Coast - AU PostPosted: Thu Feb 21, 2019 12:01 pm
We will make a security camera that is rotating from side to side.

I have added all the files so you can follow with ease

Ok, open 3DMax import the JO_Camera max file
You will see a security camera in 2 parts, 1 is the base the other is the camera.
If your using your own model you will need to add a few boxes.
Create a new box say 0.05 x 0.05 x 0.05 call it _01 Center which will sit in the middle of the model.
Now clone it and call the new box _02 Center, move it so it sits in the middle bottom of the camera.
Clone _02 center and call it ~01 Attach
Clone the above again and call it UPG01 ground, this time moving it to the bottom center of the model.
Add your CB's (collision boxes)

So we should have

Save and Export the ASE as JO_Cam

Open the SuperOED and import the ASE file.
Click Edit >Part Animation
Tick the Box enable Part Animation
Click on 02_camera
On the right side you have Transforms. Drop down the "No rotation" tab and change it to "Rotate Euler angle function"
Select the Yaw button, a new window will pop up
Change "None" drop down box to "Set Wave - Sine"
Change End to 130.00 this is the degrees it rotates, for a half turn use 180.00
Change Rate to 0.10 and Phase to 25.00

Click ok, and ok again to close window
What you can do is view the model to make sure it is working properly so far. Simply click "Render" on the top middle of the SuperOED, now you should see it move from side to side

Export the model as say Jo_Cam.3di

I have added a husk model so you can shoot it and blow it up
If your doing your own model all i did was delete the camera off the base and save as JO_Camx

Lastly is the items.def you need to add the new info into it for the game to read it.

begin "Security Camera"
   	id 			107132
   	type 			decoration
  	attrib: 		exp1 staticdeath
  	ai_function 		gnrc
  	move_function 		upfx	
   	graphic 		JO_Cam
  	hp 			200
  	armor 			5 5
  	score			1
  husk 				JO_Camx
  husk_sub_part_types 		01_HULL 02_ROCK_M 03__ROCK_M 04_ROCK_M 05_ROCK_M 06_ROCK_M
  particledeath 		fx_Electro_Exp
  sounddeath			EXPLO_RADIO_SM

You may need to change the id number to suit your mod.

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