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MapDB › JO E AAS Any port in a storm
JO E AAS Any port in a storm
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Category Joint Operation: Escalation
Submitted by rulie
Author's Name
MOZI~ASO~ .edits by rulie-fixed by Topaxci=CHI=
Game Style (e.g. TKOTH) AAS
Game Series (e.g. BHD) Joint Operations
Expansion Pack Yes
Fri Mar 27, 2020 2:00 pm

An unreleased AAS map by Mozi~ASO~ from the OGN aussie server days.

Firstly, a massive shout out to LaughingJack~ASO~ for having the presence of mind to have saved and passed onto me, a huge Aussie JO server map collection from Joint Operations best years here.

This is not my map! I found it half complete in a pile of maps i was sorting through four thousand years ago.

I've included Mozi's original 2010 incomplete version, so you can get an idea of what was actually done to bring it to life...sort of.

I positioned everything not in Mozi's original, however...unbeknownst to me...

The next massive shout out goes to lead T.IC tournament mapper Topaxci=CHI=, who identified the broken AAS extrapolate and fixed it for us to enjoy.

Turns out, 200 or more of the same object, in this case, one type of "sea container" breaks the AAS mode by default. So kudos to you Topaxci, because before passing it your way, i'd just about went nuts trying to figure out why my AAS layouts were not working when the map loaded in game.

Topaxci also did some JO-Reb vehicle assigning.

"Any port in a storm" is still on =CHI= server rotation in 2020.
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