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Category MOD MapsJO:TR Reality Mod
Submitted by rulie
Author's Name
GettinBetter - rulie's edit
Game Style (e.g. TKOTH) AAS
Game Series (e.g. BHD) Joint Operations
Expansion Pack Yes
Mon Mar 30, 2020 4:57 am

GB's 1WEAPONS TEST RANGE - rulie edit.

...located somewhere at a high level top secret classified black ops training site so highly top secret, it's been completely forgotten about...except by the few.

Developer GettinBetter's "rulie enhanced” Joint Operations Reality "1WEAPONS TEST RANGE" with TANK ARENA battle extension.

* Special thanks to Sgt Rossco-ADF- and the turdanator (Kid Ranga-JDF-) for feedback and all those months of testing.

* If i have got this right, use the NIGHT npj for night time practice and the DAY npj for daylight practice. Copy n paste to override each day/night npj file. You don’t need to copy the wac and bin files again once copied the first time you add it the the JO folder. Tried making separate Day/Night map names but couldn’t get the wac and bin files to rename. Maybe someone who knows what they are doing could fix this so you don’t have to keep overriding the Day/Night layer you want to play each time? Anytime I goofed around with the wac file I broke it, so I just left it as is.

* Features a small arms “pistol range” for extra nade and satchel testing also.
* >14< lil bird rocket choppers for 14 gas cylinders as target practice in far oil field. Try not to cause a chain reaction of explosions!!
* Feel free to modify and re-post result to NOVA OUTPOST. Plenty of wiggle room to add extra objects. Sacrifice TR-3B, crop circle and MIA Marine first, for even more space if needed.
* The Crop Circle...erm, yer well, it started out as an area i was putting the "spare tiling" for later use in and just sort of grew and grew until it got out of control. Im not an extraterrestrial honest, but do have some small traces of extraterrestrial DNA in my brain...but can't prove this.
* Included GettinBetter's original 74kb map for reference.

=======KNOWN MAP ISSUES=======

* FARPS do weird things if trying to re-arm in enemy vehicles.

* REBS - SVD sniper rifle "over zooms" at 24Xmag. All objects disappear after "22Xmag zoom" for this rifle only for some strange reason.
No advantage as a cheat rifle to spot enemy with though. See screen shots in z.BUGS folder.
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Rating Not rated
Popularity 5/5: Very popular
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Page views 291

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