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MapDB › GenoCide AE map pack vol.1
GenoCide AE map pack vol.1
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Category Joint Operation: Typhoon Rising
Submitted by rulie
Author's Name
GenoCide AE
Game Style (e.g. TKOTH) AAS
Game Series (e.g. BHD) Joint Operations
Expansion Pack No
Mon Mar 30, 2020 4:57 am

Vol.1 map pack from Aussie mapping legend Genocide A.E.

these are NOT my maps, however, in the interest of our old school OGN Aussie server "golden years" of Joint Operations preservation, i submit this collection and hope that GenOcide AE does not mind i have done this.

Most of these maps are still on -CHI- server JO.E rotation today.

Some were modified for T.IC weekend tournaments.

Vol.1 GenoCide AE map pack has been tested by myself and they should all run nicely.

I will rustle together a "Vol.2 collection" as soon as i can sort my way through the rest of them.

Special shout out to LaughingJack~ASO~ for sending me everything he had saved that survived for a decade on his HDD!
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Downloads 4
Page views 256

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