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MapDB › Wet lands
Wet lands
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Category MOD MapsJO:TR Reality Mod
Submitted by rulie
Author's Name
IWI Watter - rulie & Topaxci edits
Game Style (e.g. TKOTH) AAS
Game Series (e.g. BHD) Joint Operations Reality mod
Expansion Pack Yes
Mon Mar 30, 2020 4:58 am

AAS JO R Wet Lands r3mix
IWI Watters - "Wet Lands"

IWI Watters original Wet Lands,

I actually have permission to post this grumpy old mans map, and this remix collection with Watter's full blessings!
Once i see it posted, i'll text Ken, and tell him its allll done!..but i'll wait, till about 2.am before i text the grumpy ol bastage just to be really annoying.

Its a total Gila Marsh flash back!

Made a JO E version.
Massive shout out Topaxci-CHI-, who made my IC.E version work in T.IC (EA1S=WetLands)
and finally, this JO Reality mod version!!

Thanks to Sgt Rossco-ADF- and Kid Ranga-JDF- for testing the JO R version.

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Popularity 5/5: Very popular
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Page views 300

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