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spacer SG Mod V 1.5 Released spacer

JO:TR This is a Full installer, the patch has been revoked due to an error.

If you have used the patch to update your V1.0, please uninstall and install this full version.

Patch Iinfo:

New objects added.

Loads of optimised textures to help with resource usage.

Fixed known bugs.

Tweeked here and there.

Retro Jo items reworked and added.

Weapon tweeks.

Stock JO maps converted and included in patch.

Also 60+ Coop maps have been converted and uploaded to the SGMOD georgia server.

Available in our download section
>> HERE <<

Posted by Blade on Saturday, February 07, 2009 (12:29:55)

spacer New DFX v1.7.0.1 exe in testing spacer

DFX For those technical enough to back up their current EXE and copy this one to the right folder, you can test it out for us. It's intended to be 100% compatible with the current EXE and offers a few new features and improvements. Pending the test results, these changes will become available as a regular update.


This EXE is testing...

Improved Squad Tag Display
Sorting by Squad Tags at end of game stats
New Server Sync code reduces yanks and glitches
Some enhanced moderator features
Overall Optimizations

Posted by Blade on Friday, February 06, 2009 (10:23:36)

spacer Black Hawk Down 2 vs 2 Flag Ball Comp spacer

BHD OGN are looking for a few more players interested in the 2 vs 2 FB Comp

If you live in Australia or NewZealand and wish to join up for the comp you can find a link >> HERE <<

With the new Nova game just around the corner, people seem to be coming out of hiding and back into the servers again. Not as many as the old days but more are coming back each week, so why not have a bit of fun and sign up for the comp.

Posted by Blade on Sunday, February 01, 2009 (01:03:33)

spacer DF:X2 info and screen shots spacer

DFX Note - this is not a press release - we'll be doing that soon, hopefully. I've been seeing the same questions pop up and I'll answer some of 'em here...

1.is dfx2 due out in february ? amazon and some other sites are takingpre orders for the game for dates between the 9 - 21 of feb 09.

There is no firm date, but I think March is more accurate based on Marketing and Distribution needs. Gives us more time to polish it anyways.

2. is dfx2 made on the same engine as dfaf?

No, DFX2 is not using the DFAF engine ( and yes, it's a totally separate game, and it's not a replacement for DFAF )

3.is dfx2 being shipped on dvd-rom or cd-rom, depending on what web site pre order i read some say cd some say dvd.

I'm pretty sure it's on DVD - we're planning on including a lot of content for mappers.

4. please can you tell me the spec of system needed to run dfx2.

Not official yet, but it will basically run fine on the same specs as DFX. It will probably have a larger HD footprint, and a little more RAM and juice on the video card isn't going to hurt - but if you can run DFX fine now - you'll be ok.

Also, DFX2 is not a remake or update of DF2 as a lot of people have been speculating. It's original missions, all new maps and terrains ( plus all the old terrains as well ).

Anti-cheat and hack reporting will be much more solid than previous games.
We'll try and 'leak' some more screens this week for you guys as well Smile


edit: I forgot to mention that we have been looking at DFX and JO critically for weapons and vehicle balance for DFX2. We're aware of the previous balance issues with guns, nades, AT4s, helos, gunships and are addressing it.

Posted by Blade on Tuesday, January 27, 2009 (09:21:09) Read More... (220 Bytes) |


Novalogic To celebrate our transition to the all-new NovaWorld Community™ site, NovaLogic is proud to offer a limited-time opportunity to our most loyal customers. To show our gratitude for your help during our Alpha testing, all customers who have signed up for a NovaWorld Alpha account before we go Beta on Friday, January 30 [12 pm PST] will receive an exclusive upgrade to V.I.P. status! V.I.P. accounts will be specially tagged and identified on the NovaWorld Community™ site, and will be eligible for Priority Beta Test Notification, as well as other exciting special offers not available anywhere else!

Best of all, V.I.P. users who buy and register the Delta Force 10th Anniversary Collection by February 28th will have access to the new 'Pimp My Squad Page' feature, and are eligible for 12 total months of FREE GOLD MEMBERSHIP* by entering the promotional code 'VIPPROMO' at registration! We hope you enjoy the perks and privileges of V.I.P. status - it’s our way of saying thanks.

*for a detailed explanation of the levels of NovaWorld account service, click here

Posted by Blade on Monday, January 26, 2009 (23:18:03)

spacer Delta Force: Xtreme 2 spacer

DFX Found this interesting article on novahq.net

Quite a while ago we found out that a DFX2 was on pre-order on a site. After I had emailed the website, they had said that DFX2 was indeed a complete new title.

Now today, supersixfour from delta-force.info, sent me a PM:

FROM: The Kyle -> SuperSixFour (DFI)
DATE: 01/07/2009 14:35:49
SUBJECTS: Re: DFX-2 Release/Information Desk

Delta Force Xtreme2 will not be based on the Delta Force 2 levels. It will include entirely new terrains but the play will be much closer to the classic Delta Force games, Land Warrior, and BHD, than the first Xtreme. Due to the large number of terrains and assets it will ship on a DVD. Official screen shots should be released soon. There's no firm release date yet as we are still coordinating with our EU distributor, but it looks likely the EU release will be very close to the US release date.

This is from The Kyle, one of the very kind staff members on NovaWorld 2.


Release date? 9th of February.

Posted by Blade on Thursday, January 08, 2009 (13:52:45)

spacer Reality Mod Update 2.5.1 spacer

JO:TR After two or so years of absence, the Reality Team, an arm of Psyphon Games (formerly Brutal Arts) did in March 2008, due to significant interest, re-activate the Reality expansion.

Reality was borne out of the desire of many people to have a more challenging and demanding FPS, without any of the arcade type bells and whistles. It promotes teamwork whilst demanding co-ordination, determination and patience. In short, it levels the playing field between the younger and older players, (i.e. what a mature player may lack in speed, can more than be made up for in cunning, patience and worldly experience, more commonly known as common sense).

This update was specifically aimed at addressing the consensus that there were a few problems that needed urgent attention. It is with this in mind that we are proud to announce the release of Reality 2.5.1

Posted by Blade on Saturday, December 27, 2008 (12:54:39) Read More... (1.81 KB) |

spacer International Conflict: Europe update spacer

ICE The popular mod for Joint Op's, IC:E has released an update bringing it to version 1.0.5

You can download the mod from our downloads secion

More info can be found on there home site at

Posted by Blade on Monday, November 10, 2008 (13:59:41)

spacer MapDB Added spacer

MapDB I have added a new download section just for maps.

MapsDB will host maps for BHD through to DFX and a section just for mods.

Feel free to add your maps to the MapDB. You will have to be a member to add maps (which only takes a min.)

Over the coming weeks i will add more to it as i get a chance.

Posted by Blade on Monday, November 03, 2008 (15:15:54)

spacer Novaworld2 opening spacer

Novalogic NW2 is in a limited open Alpha to current NovaWorld members with valid product CD keys. There is a limited amount of space available in the Alpha, so head on over to NW2 now and sign in.

Login using your current NW account. ( Signup will be temporarily disabled for this alpha. )


Post any feedback, problems, suggestions to the Alpha Test Forum on NW2.

Posted by Blade on Monday, October 27, 2008 (11:01:03)

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