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spacer DF2 EVO Update spacer

DF2 For those that still play Delta Force 2 there is a MOD called DF2EVO (Evolution Mod)
which has just had an update to 1.0.4

Download from our database below

Posted by ~BLÃÐE~ on Tuesday, March 21, 2017 (20:40:28)

spacer DF2 Evolution (EVO Mod) 1.0.3 update spacer

DF2 An update to the EVO Mod bring it up to version 1.0.3

*UNZIP ALL FILES TO YOUR DF2 GAME FOLDER* (wherever your DF2.exe file is)
Includes 2 dll files, as well as"EVOClient2.exe" and "EVOClient4.exe"
It will auto-detect your Windows version and auto-run the necessary EVOClient which then reports your EVO version to the server.


Updates in this version include...
Fixed glitches in some buildings
New buildings including "Kulkulcan's Temple."
New items including the "Dragon!

Posted by ~BLÃÐE~ on Friday, April 08, 2016 (22:07:36)

spacer DF2 Evolution (EVO Mod) spacer

DF2 New Mod for DF2
As many of you know, I have been involved in the TXP2 for DF2 project for many years. I have spent COUNTLESS hours working on creating new objects for DF2, converting DF1 terrains, etc.

Well, since TXP2 has been inactive for close to 2 years now,
and after no response on the TXP2 forums, I have decided to release the stuff I've worked on as "DF2 Evolution" (EVO).

It will not include any TXP2 terrains or other features (such as a new GUI, etc), but it will install "seamlessly" into your existing DF2, allowing you to join both EVO and non-EVO servers.

If you're interested, please check out and join the "DF2 Evolution" group here...


Posted by ~BLÃÐE~ on Friday, January 01, 2016 (20:36:14) Read More... (330 Bytes) |

spacer Delta Force 2 Player Editor spacer

DF2 Busy week for NovaHQ, they have made another tool this time for DF2.

NovaHQ wrote:
Well I was curious so I made name and macro editor for DF2 as well. It can also set your game resolution to levels that aren't available in the game menu.

Download the editor here: http://novahq.net/files.php?ID=576

Posted by ~BLÃÐE~ on Friday, October 30, 2015 (19:31:24)

spacer Delta Force Game Path Fixer spacer

DF2 NovaHQ have make a new tool for the older games to fix the game path

NovaHQ wrote:

Quite a few of the older Delta Force programs don't work anymore simply because the game path is not set correctly in the registry. This is very common for downloadable (digital) game versions from Steam and NovaLogic, and especially on newer operating systems. This little program fixes those paths so the older programs (like name editors, etc) work again.

Download it here: http://novahq.net/files.php?ID=574

Posted by Blade on Friday, October 30, 2015 (19:21:05)

spacer DF2 Section added spacer

DF2 After all these years i have decided to add a Delta Force 2 section to the site.
There will be downloads, maps, mods and forum sections.

I will be adding more downloads in the next few days as i get the chance.

Posted by ~BLÃÐE~ on Sunday, September 27, 2015 (10:40:16)

spacer DevilClaws Lobby Fix spacer

DF2 Thanks to Devilsclaw you can now access the Novaworld lobbies again.
The lobbies were broken and Devilsclaw has made a patch for each of the older games including DF1, DF2, MiG-29 & AF3 with more to come.

DFArena wrote:

DF 1 Lobby Fix:
DOWNLOAD: DF1_Lobby_fix.zip

DF 2 Lobby Fix:
DOWNLOAD: DF2_Lobby_fix.zip

MiG-29 Lobby Fix:
DOWNLOAD: MIG29_Lobby_fix.zip

Armored Fist 3 Lobby Fix:
DOWNLOAD: AF3_Lobby_fix.zip

I will update this list as I fix more of the games.


Posted by ~BLÃÐE~ on Wednesday, September 16, 2015 (03:53:56)

spacer DF2 Server Up spacer

DF2 Novalogic dropped the DF2 lobbies leaving the old DF2 players in the lurch with no servers up any more. NovaHQ have come to the rescue and are now hosting a DF2 Server for the die hard fans that still play this game

NovaHQ wrote:
I have all these spare computers and nothing to do with them so last night I put up a DF2 server. I played a few Co-Op games with some people and had a blast . To join the server, you need to use DF2 Pinger (http://novahq.net/files.php?ID=275). Add the following IP: . Use the pinger program to create a custom startup.html file, launch DF2 and join the fun. If you get stuck on joining server, you may need the VON Disable Patch http://novahq.net/files.php?ID=370.

Make sure you run both the Pinger and DF2 with admin privileges if you are on Windows Vista/7/8/10.

If the server is empty join the group on Facebook and tell them where you're playing: https://www.facebook.com/groups/45040714285/

Posted by ~BLÃÐE~ on Thursday, August 20, 2015 (15:02:30)

spacer Change.org Petition to Save DF1/DF2 spacer

DF2 The DF1 and DF2 NovaWorld lobbies have been broken for a long time now. Someone started a Change.org petition to try and get NL to fix the game lobbies so that users can host and play on NovaWorld.
I know online petitions do very little, but it might help if more people sign it. Looking around the net the last few days there are quite a few people still wanting to play the games online. Head over to Change.org to sign it if you're interested: https://www.change.org/p/novalogic-n...server-on-each

DF1/2 players: If there is anyway we can help, by hosting a stable lobby on NovaHQ let me know.

The Delta Force 1/2 Community needs some support from Novalogic.
We have ran for well over a decade with two passionate communities, formed by the oldest players and youngest people that admire the Delta Force essence.

We think that our community could get bigger and improved with a little support from the company that gave awesome moments to our lives, and one of our requests is the fixing of the 'joining system'/servers lobby.

Unblocking ports and even using the best VPN softwares forces us to face an unnatural situation that is very frustrating sometimes and discourages a lot of people to play again, learn the game or play for the first time.

The need is so that we can just start the game go to multiplayer then click join and the Novaworld join lobby actually shows the games we are hosting so people can join in and play also this would certainly make more people buy the game via Nova website / Steam we cannot Moderate steam forever without support.

There's thousand of players waiting to increase their hours inside the game, we are still alive just as much as BHD and other old games you have recently updated.

Posted by Blade on Monday, August 10, 2015 (19:42:26)

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