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spacer Black Hawk Down / Team Sabre Alternate Startup.htm Files spacer

BHD Want to play BHD or TS even when NovaWorld is down?
With the startup files linked below, when you click "Join" in your game you'll be shown three lobbies: Official NovaWorld, NOVAHQ and Novaworld.cc.
You do not need to login to play on NOVAHQ or NovaWorld.cc lobbies.

You do not need to use BHD Pinger or anything else to play online. This startup file is all you need.

Black Hawk Down Startup: >>HERE<<

Team Sabre Startup: >>HERE<<

Posted by ~BLÃÐE~ on Sunday, March 19, 2017 (22:16:36)

spacer BHD Full Features App spacer

BHD Revive your favorite missions.

Sets Global AI difficulty and applies the /d argument which enables the user to enjoy all the features of custom missions.

Play BHD and TS with custom features enabled.

Choose from 3 levels of difficulty. Difficulty levels for BHD will feature Regenerating Health for Low difficulty ranging to Degrading Health for High difficulty.

Version is configured for (Single Player only)

Available >>HERE<<

Posted by ~BLÃÐE~ on Saturday, May 28, 2016 (22:25:41)

spacer TIO COOP Mod spacer

BHD The TIO COOP 1.9.1 Mod is for BHD:TS
We have added the 191 version to the downloads >>HERE<<
It adds some cool feature to game with new weapons, sounds and re skins of most things.
There are servers up so jump in for a game of coop.

TIO COOP 1.9.2 is coming out later this year
For more information drop by there site and find out more

Posted by ~BLÃÐE~ on Friday, March 25, 2016 (20:37:45)

spacer Delta Force Operations Mod spacer

BHD Delta Force Operations is a Single Player Enhancement Mod (Beta2 Version) for BHD:TS

This mod is meant to improve the game graphics and gameplay.
  • It includes better looking skins for vehicles, weapons, buildings, soldiers (for instance the Rangers in the second Team Sabre mission in Colombia finally get woodland camo instead of the stock 3-color desert)
  • It corrects most of the annoying bugs and glitches in single player maps (misplaced objects are removed, missing sounds and/or wrong voiceovers are corrected)
  • It adds a large array of different sounds to make each weapon sound unique (for instance the light machine guns now use three different reloading sounds like in Joint Ops).
Beta 2 now includes additional terrains, all the terrains from DF2/DFLW/DFTFD/DFX/DFX2/JO/JOE/Armored Fist 3/Comanche 4 have been converted and reworked for the DFBHD game engine.

Future releases will address other bugs and hopefully will include more items for map mapmakers.

Available in your download section >>HERE<<

Posted by ~BLÃÐE~ on Sunday, February 21, 2016 (23:52:22)

spacer BHD War of Gun Classes 2010 spacer


Basic Gameplay:

- 2 Basic Teams, Team Delta Force and Team Insurgents
- All signed up Squads and theirs Servers get seperatet in one of these teams.
- Squads without own Servers or Nonsquadplayers can also sign up for this Event and will be set in one of both Teams.
- All Gun Classes are allowed in Servers. ( TDM only)
- Target is to Takeover the opposite Teams Server
- To take over a Server, join any Enemy Server and win the running Map 2 Times in a row
- If the defenting Team win a Map then the Server is defented for the current Matchday and saved!
- The Team wich got at the End minimum 1 Server left will win the Event!

Posted by Blade on Tuesday, October 26, 2010 (10:14:59) Read More... (4.05 KB) |

spacer DFBHD Pinger 6.0 Problem spacer

BHD If your having problems with BHD Pinger, follow the instructions below.

The best thing to do, start DF:BHD (without pinger) enter the NovaWorld lobby, now you have to fill in your NW username and password, doing that will create a cookie on your system.

Now when you entered the lobby you can close DFBHD and if i'm right BHDPinger is working again.............it needs that login cookie from the NovaWorld lobby.

Don't you have that cookie?, then you don't have a legit version of DFBHD.

Posted by Blade on Tuesday, February 10, 2009 (11:26:20)

spacer Black Hawk Down 2 vs 2 Flag Ball Comp spacer

BHD OGN are looking for a few more players interested in the 2 vs 2 FB Comp

If you live in Australia or NewZealand and wish to join up for the comp you can find a link >> HERE <<

With the new Nova game just around the corner, people seem to be coming out of hiding and back into the servers again. Not as many as the old days but more are coming back each week, so why not have a bit of fun and sign up for the comp.

Posted by Blade on Sunday, February 01, 2009 (01:03:33)

spacer Sigurd Client update spacer

BHD Version 0.4.4 (Release date: 2008-07-09)

+ Added some new blocking code, but still needs to be tested good.
* Fixed some little bugs in the code.

You can get Sigurd Client and Server from your downloads or from

Posted by Blade on Tuesday, July 15, 2008 (16:11:14) Read More... (771 Bytes) |

spacer BHDPinger 6.0 released! spacer

BHD We did a little beta test the last few days to check out the new BHDPinger 6.0 was bug free, it seems like it is but if you encounter any problem please report them at the Pinger support forums .
Thanks to Dstructr to help the community with the release of BHDPinger 6.0.

Important information

Server hosters
If you host multiple servers on 1 IP adress then you probally have different portnumbers for your hosted BHD game.
Insert your 5-digit portnumber when it's not the default one (17479) inside the servername or servermessage in order to let BHDPinger users add your server to the favourites list of BHDPinger.

Windows Vista users
Use BHDPinger only with administration rights, otherwise errors will occur and BHDPinger will not function well.

Posted by Blade on Monday, June 16, 2008 (21:44:20) Read More... (1.65 KB) |

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