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Atomic from Nova-Inside [2004]
This month’s interview is with Web Site Owner: Atomic.

Name: Marc
Location: Netherlands
Occupation: Electrician
Age: 23

Welcome to Nova-Outpost:

Q: You have a site at www.nova-inside.com where did it all start?
A: Firstly I got a new girlfriend and her father was playing DF2 that game was great, so I played it and I loved it.
Then I was thinking why not start a resource site for it.

So I learned how to work with FrontPage and build my first DF resource center (oct-2001) named: Atomic-Zone (www.atomic-zone.com).
I kept that site up for a half year I think, it was just to noobish and full of bugs.

Then I discovered PHPNuke and merged with HollowPoint.com to DF-inside.com (june-2002).
It was running fine, finally we were getting known in the community thanks to DJ Pat Online with his DF-inside Spy tool for DFLW and DFTFD NovaWorld login bypass (like IP4LW).

After a few months the other co-owner (Dommel) has left me due to personal reasons, so I was up on my own.

PHPNuke was also a noobish system and I knew we had to go on to a custom build site. So I found someone who build me a complete site with design and coding.
The new DF-inside was born (jan-2003), it was an awesome site, great design and good coding and CUSTOM.

Then we started to grow again thanks to Dstructr with his DF Pinger program, it was a blast for us. From that moment on the visitors didn't forgot us and we managed to get DF-inside to become one of the big site resource sites like Nova-Arena, DFBarracks and DFHQ already were.

Then NovaLogic started to code Joint Operations, now we got a problem with our name, DF-inside doesn't sound right anymore with the new game upcoming, so we changed to Nova-Inside.com.

Q: I noticed you have over 19,500 members so you must be doing something write lol. With all the latest News, Information, Downloads and “Inside News” how do you keep us with it?

A: Normally when I come back from my work I jump behind the computer to surf all the other df/jo resource sites to see if there’s something new. Go to NovaWorld, check my mail for submitted news or new from Marcus Beer (PR NovaLogic).
Visit some MOD forums, coding forums to see if anything new has born, and if so I try to contact the coders/modders for some news about the tool. Or like the DF Pinger series, I try to get the programs supported by Nova-Inside thru the forums and make the coder’s staff at Nova-Inside.

Q: What plans for the future do you have for the site?
A: At this moment we have a team of 5 PHP coders working for Nova-Inside to make a totally new Nova-Inside with more features.
Like a new download system, map download system, new and improved top100, new forums, new design, tourneys, leagues, and way more cool features...........!

Q: Now Joint Operations is out and with JO: Escalation on the door step, do you think NovaLogic are going in the right direction with there games?
A: Certainly they do. They made a good product with JO:TR, a totally new concept.
The only thing which could be better is the communication between NovaLogic and the df/jo resource sites. We keep the community running also, so some more news about the games or development would be appreciated.
I’m looking forward for the full version of JO: Escalation, I think they did a good job with inserting the drivable vehicles, its fun!

Q: Which is your favorite in the DF Series?
A: I think it was DF:2 and DF:LW for me. That period I spend much more time with playing those games, I was in a squad and had a great time. Since DF:LW I got less more time because of the resource site I was managing, so less time to play the new games. So I cannot say if DF:BHD is better then DF:2 or DF:LW because I didn’t play it that much. The same story also for JO:TR.

Q: Being from the Netherlands do you find the language barrier?
A: Sure I have some problems with the English language sometimes. Mailing to NovaLogic or other persons is sometimes a tough job for me, because I’m an owner of a big resource site, so they expect from me that I can write correct English.
After explaining it that I’m from the Netherlands they understand it that I don’t control the language 100%.
But it looks like almost everyone knows it already because I never hear any complaints about my language usage at Nova-Inside.

Q: Is there anything you would like to say?
A: The only thing I want to say is something to the community. Since the start of the NovaWorld forums different known DF/JO resource sites have quit there activities because of the dropping activity at their forums/site.
Personally I think that’s a shame, the community has to know that the resource sites keep the community rolling either.
Without the community sites there won’t be news about MOD’s, new tools, “inside” news, rumors etc etc.
Do you find a download section at NovaLogic/NovaWorld to download MODS, Skins, name editors, server managers, end-user tools, pingers, joiners etc etc? No!
So be glad there are resource sites offering this stuff, so don’t abandon them.
We need you, you need us!
Added: October 21st 2015
Reviewer: ~BLÃÐE~
Hits: 609

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