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Tedsmelly from TIOcoop [2016]
This month we interview Map Maker/Modder, TedSmelly

Name: Ted Smelly
Location: Queensland Australia
Occupation: Rigger/Crane Operator
Age: 21 with 33 years experience

Hi Everyone, I am Ted from TIO (The Independent Ones) Co-Op Gaming for Black Hawk Down. I am an Admin and senior member of TIO. We host three Co-Op servers - BHD, BHDTS and our own TIOcoop Mod Version 1.9.1. Our servers are located in America with backup servers in Canada and Australia.

Q: Where did Novalogic games start for you?
It all started with Black Hawk Down, my first online FPS. I was hooked straight away, staying up most of the night playing Death Match and Team Death Match maps. I thought this can't get any better until i purchased an expensive and very comfortable headset. The enhancement to the sound made me feel like i was there, i had hairs standing up on the back of my neck and chills and light sweat appearing on my face. Every time i heard footsteps or a pin removed from a grenade, my senses would heighten and i would find myself leaning towards the computer in a motionless state of mild panic. I was in heaven.
Then, the icing on the cake, i was introduced to Ventrilo and later Teamspeak. To be able to communicate with your Teammates during game play other then typing, just blow me away. The realization of the fact i was sitting in a room in my home, talking to people from all over the world, while playing a game i thoroughly enjoy. At that time i really was "Living the Dream".

Q: How did you come up with a name like TedSmelly lol?
Yes, um, the things you would like to change but don't or can't. I am mostly known as Ted these days. I kept with Ted Smelly for the reason it is known and appears in a lot of Posts, on maps and in Mods.
Ok being the totally newbie i saw Delta Rangers and Mountain Rangers in the game. I have no military background but i live in a rural area and we have Bush ranger to manage our National Parks. This got me thinking about Bush rangers. Stay with me, in the earlier wild Colonial days of Australia there was a Bush ranger (Outlaw) called Ned Kelly. He was the head of the Ned Kelly Gang and they rebelled against the English rule. Historians would carve me up for writing such a board record of events. lol.
So you see Ned Kelly became Ted Smelly and our little squad was called the "Ted Smelly Gang" and we were the "TSG Bush rangers"!!!
At times you have to love stupid.

Q: Your into making mods, where did it all start?
I formed a group called MMA (Master Mapmakers Association). We were known as MMA_Member1 and MMA_Member2 and so forth and we mapped under those names. Myself being Member1 and Whisper M being Member2 started to edit some code and change some skins. Before long we had enough stuff to display as a small Mod, from there the BHD Revisited Mod was born but not yet revealed.
It was at that time we met Dzine, he was the head of the NSO (Naval Special Operations) Mod. They had already released a Beta and were working on the final version. We put our Mod on hold and joined the NSO Team. I was very proud to be working on such a great Mod built by these talented people. Two years later the final was released.

Q: I believe you are about to release a new Mod, can you tell us more?
We have high hopes of releasing the next version of our TIOcoop Mod sometime late next year (2016). TIOcoop Version 1.9.2 is a huge leap forward compared to the 1.9.1 version we host on our server.
Our Mod is made up of items from past Mods, together with some new items and smart thinking with the use of old objects. I have a partner now to help me share the work load. Daewolf has done a lot of excellent work and has helped make the Mod what it is today. The main thing to remember is our Mod is designed for Co-Operative game play only. All game types are available but uneven weapon distribution exists.



A new look and layout to the game menu, new fonts, new continuous menu music and a drum roll when entering a map.

The Camo Mission Editor is now part of the TIOcoop92. Your player Character will be in the correct Camo uniform for the terrain type.

AI will run left and right, roll left and right, go prone, dive to prone, stoop and walk, crawl forwards and sideways, draw backward and sideways, Knee and shoot, walk and shoot, run and shoot, shoot from prone, jump better and have some other styles of running.
New AI - There are AI that throw knives, grenades and flash bangs, A deadly flamethrower AI, Another dead soldier all messed up, Two wounded soldiers laying on the ground with bodies that twist and flinch from the hips.
A skeleton all messed up, Three zombies - one crawls, another zombie walks and the other walk/runs real weird.
You will hear many different weapon sounds coming from the AI. You will have AI going prone, you think you killed them, you turn or go and see and they rise to a crouch and shoot you dead. Some AI will shoot you and then come up and Tea Bag you. Others will kill you and come over and put a few shots into your corpse for good measure.

New uniforms for player characters, New character faces, Player character speed has increased.

You will see many different FX, All splashes, ripples, wakes, fountains, bubbles and sprays will have a light blue look.
Explosions will have different coloured thicker smoke and the explosion flames will have a different look and shape.
There will be FX giving your map Flying Moths, Butterflies, Fireflies, Mosquitos and Jumping Bugs. Bigger and better electrical sparks, Bigger killzones for explosions and debris spread to match.
Other FX - Fog Mist, Stars, Blinking Stars, Lightning, Large Dust Storms, Intermittent Dust Storms and a Nuclear Explosion Effect.

Most of the original BHD sounds have been refreshed and hundreds of new sounds added.

An updated Flare Gun with longer lasting Red and Green Flares, Thermite Grenade, Molotov Grenade, updated Stinger Missile Launcher and a Flamethrower.

Donated to TIO and new to BHD is a Mobile Chinook with Armory and a Mobile Technical with Armory.

Updated Winter foliage, Heaps more Jungle and Desert foliage, New foliage for Volcanic Theme.

Jungle Huts, Jungle Structures, more City and Desert buildings, more Winter buildings and Volcanic buildings. Alot of new skins for buildings ( Skins are not too far removed from the original).

A Volcanic Theme has been added. Volcanic terrains, buildings and Rubble, Foliage, Rocks, Lava flows and Erupting Volcano Effect.
Exploding Fire Barrel, Large Food Crates, C130 Plane, Three Team Sabre Large Oil Tanks, Small Field Armory and a piece of 16ft Mesh Fence. The Large Group of Grass catches fire and burns, leaving a clear field of view.

There is much much more then what is stated above, it's a mappers paradise and a great revisit for all players, especially for players who enjoy Co-Op.

Our aim with this version is to try and slow down the run and gun style of play and make you use a more tactical approach. Now that the AI are smarter, sharper and have weapons to match, your game play has to change. If you advance to fast you will die.
We have a "No Re-Spawn" policy in our maps made for our TIOcoop92. So once you have battled hard for that ground, it's yours, no re-spawns. Our 92 test server has forty maps in rotation, all with no re-spawn.
You are able to install our Mod with BHD only or with BHDTS installed on your computer. Both BHD and BHDTS players can join a TIOcoop Mod server and play together. It does not matter what game type map is being hosted. Our Mod is a BHD Mod and when hosted on Novaworld it will display as a BHD server.

We intend to promote this TIOcoop92 through all the resource sites. In the past we only advertised through word of mouth, our old web site, teamspeak and on our servers.
If this Mod generated enough interest, we would consider converting it to a Mod for all game type and not just Co-Op.

Q: Do you make maps as well as Mods?
I am a mapper and i started mapping after having the game for six months. I have some of my old maps showing my humble beginnings to my much more creative maps at http://www.dfbarracks.com/mapdb/index.php?action=lm&gv=bhd&gmt=d&s=d&st=Ted%7ESmeLLy&si=2&lf=2&p=0 or go to http://www.dfbarracks.com/ and do an advance search under BHD Maps for Ted~SmeLLy. I have made maps for DM and TDM Squad servers, maps for Battle Squad practice, Custom objects for other peoples maps, Made a few tutorials for mapping and edited countless maps to solve problems.
When MMA (Master Mapmakers Association) were still active, Whisper M and myself made twenty maps for the NSO Project. Thirteen maps were used as stock maps in the final version of the NSO Mod V2.0.
These days i only make Co-Op maps for our servers and test maps for our new Mod additions.

Q: Any tips for map makers out there?
Without getting into how to make maps. The first tip would be to save your work regularly, Backup your work often, even store it on two other drives besides the computer you use to do your mapping. The last thing you want is to lose your work from a hard drive crash, accidental deletion or file corruption.
Read tutorials and read through old post that are full of answers and solutions to your problem. Make posts asking for help with a problem.
Above all enjoy your mapping experience, keep it simple at first. As your skills advance you will want to be more creative. Your attention to detail will improve and you will feel the need for custom objects in your maps.
We need more mappers, new maps is what keeps this old game alive.

Happy Mapping

Q: Any tips for people wanting to start making a Mod?
I have a high respect for people who wish to take on the huge challenge of making a Mod.
This might not be tips, more like food for thought. Be prepared for the long haul and be dedicated to the project. We all have a real life and our Modding, Mapping and playing is just a hobby and a great past time. However, you have a commitment to the other Mod Team members.
Other considerations are - Mod Team Members are usually from different countries. Different time zones can make things difficult. Someone has to be the leader, make the hard calls and guide the Team. The Leader needs to continually manage time and resource of all Team members. Receive regular work progress reports, organize updates and maintain a frequent clear line of communication between all Team Members.
Basically, there are many pitfalls that can slow down the progress of your Mod. Some Mods stagnate for long periods before gathering momentum, others just don't get finished.
To anyone involved in a Mod or preparing to start a Mod, best of Luck for your project.

Q: Which is your favorite DF game?
BLACK HAWK DOWN is my favorite Delta Force game. I know that is bias, i have not played other Nova products to compare. I have played Co-Op in Joint Operations and i do enjoy playing the AW2 Mod. Both Joint Operations and the AW2 Mod inspire me to create a better Mod for BHD.

Q: Any words you would like to say to the community?
A big thank you for all your support for all these years.
Thank you to the tool makers, the program writers who enhance our game, the mod teams, the model makers, the map makers, people who host game servers, people who host game and mod resource sites, the admins to those resource sites, all the people who make posts and keep gaming sites active, the tutorial makers, the Squads, the tournament organizers , the players that come to our servers and support our Mods.
These are some of the people that make up our wonderful BHD community.

We don't have a web site any more but you can contact us through the TIO COOP section over at http://www.lostsheep.net . You have to register to make a post. On the forum page, scroll down to the TIO COOP section, just under the "General Discussions" block.
TIO Server IP's and Ports
BHD server - IP = Port = 17477
BHDTS server - IP = Port = 17479
TIOcoop V1.9.1 server - IP = Port = 17481

TIOcoop V1.9.1 download link http://www.dfreload.com/tedsmelly/TIO/tiocoop_v-1.9.1.zip
This is our current version playing on our server. This version has massive firepower for payback on the AI's. Payback for the times they shot you through the fog, foliage, sandbags, shot you underwater, when they stole you lunch and kicked your dog.
if you don't like the big guns you can use a knife or throwing knives or a pistol or any of the weapons with iron sites and no scopes. You could try the diplomatic approach and try to talk to them about a peaceful outcome. (Sorry folks Ted humour. lol)
I hope you enjoy our Mod as much as we have building it and playing it.

Thank you Blade (Nova-Outpost) for the opportunity to be interviewed. It was a good trip down memory lane. All the best for the future Nova-Outpost.
Be safe
Added: December 31st 2015
Reviewer: ~BLÃÐE~
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