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~BLÃÐE~ from Nova-Outpost [2016]

This month’s interview is with ~BLÃÐE~ from Nova-Outpost
Name: Phill
Location: Gold Coast, Australia
Occupation: Civil Construction
Age: 50

Where did Novalogic games start for you?
DFLW was the beginning, I had just came home from working interstate when a friend said I had to have a look at this game, I did and that was that I was a fan. He was making maps and showed me a few things, from there I was making maps, playing for hours day n night.
Back then almost everyone was on 56k connection, Cable and ADSL was only being introduced at this time. This was my first introduction to Multi Player games. I met hundreds of people online and then came LAN Party where you actually meet them in real life. We used to have parties with about 30-50 people, have a BBQ, drinks and play n party all weekend, those were the days. That’s where I got into PC building and software, a new world has emerged for me.

How did Nova-Outpost come about?
I worked at NovaHQ for some time which inspired me to have and AU Fan site with all the activity in Australia at the time.
There were 3 or 4 AU gaming sites that covered Novalogic stuff, comps, ladders, info and news. So i made a site to cover news from all of them plus adding downloads. In 2004 we were listed on the official fan site list of Novalogic, we ran a few comps giving away copies of JO:TR and Escalation.
I decided to join forces with OGN so we had the best of both worlds, affiliate Novalogic servers in AU with stats and my site with the news and downloads, with lack of interest in the game players moved on. I eventually rebuild the site from scratch to where it is today.
I had absolutely no idea about HTML or PHP, i had to do a few courses and figure most of it by myself. The very first site was in HTML for a few weeks until I discovered PHP Nuke, from there I found DragonflyCMS to which i still use to this day.

What are the future plans for Nova-Outpost?
To keep going as we are, there are new mods coming out shortly with more people making mods and maps all the time, so as long as they keep making stuff we will keep adding them. We don’t intend to go anywhere, in fact we have recently moved to a bigger and better host so we can add larger range of mods to the downloads section.
Later this year I will up grade the site CMS which will add new features I cant implement at the moment and a new face lift.

How did you get the name ~BLÃÐE~ ?
I was so laggy i had better luck stabbing than shooting people in CQB Maps lol. People would say, you and that bloody knife..
I originally used 2DNED (had 2 Dogs, one named NED, so 2DNED came about) i then used BLADE=GH= in the Glory Hunters before changing it to ~BLÃÐE~ . A lot of forums don’t like the Hex characters so most of the time I just use 2DNED.

Do you consider yourself as a mapper?
I used to review maps for NovaHQ and found it amazing what people would come up with. It inspired me to make maps back in the day but not so much these days, mostly DFLW-BHDTS maps. Now people have mastered WAC files and Events you can do pretty much anything in a map. For anyone wanting to get into mapping, it is fun and easy to start but can take many many hours to get a good map worth playing over and over. Read the mission editor first is the best advice one can give as to where to start. From there look at other maps to see how they did it.

Which mod is/was your favorite?
I like all mods, I like to see what others can do with the game and engine. I enjoy pulling the game apart as much as i enjoy playing it. The first mod i remember was the Vietnam Mod for DFLW, new sounds, skins and terrains it was great as well as all the others through the series...
But my fav? Prob AW2 for the diversity of objects in the editor, you can do so much with map making with the amount of items to use.

Where do you see Novalogic in another 5 yrs?
I think they will still be around, their is talk/rumors of them closing down or even re opening as re branding the name, who knows, if it happens it happens, untill then i hope for a new game. If they do close down and never re open i feel the games will still live on somehow. People have knocked Novalogic for years saying they are closing but years later they are still here even with no game in 7 yrs they are still open for business and I hope they stay open for another 5 at least.

Anything you would like to say to the community?
Thanks! Thanks for visiting the site and supporting us over the years, without any new news or games from Novalogic it’s been hard to keep a resource site going which is why sadly more sites have closed. The more that close means more information, maps and tools are lost forever. But we intend to be here for some more years to come.

Added: March 19th 2016
Reviewer: ~BLÃÐE~
Hits: 1097

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