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JB*AUS* from Australian Universal Soldiers [2016]
This month’s interview is with JB*AUS* (JohnBoy) from Australian Universal Soldiers
Name: Dean Walton
Location: Gold Coast
Occupation: IT Technician
Age: 40

Where did Novalogic games start for you?
Novalogic games started for me with Delta Force 1 mainly playing in a LAN environment with a bunch of Army mates.

How did you get your name JB?
It started with “JohnBoy” from the old Walton’s show. Guessing some would understand and some of the younger guys would have no idea lol. JB was just a short version.

Can you tell us about the history of *AUS*?
*AUS* was formed by Camouflage*AUS* in DF2 while he was also running www.dfbarracks.com. Camouflage took the squad through DF2 and also DFLW before calling it quits although at the time I knew he was still passionate about the squad. I saw the opportunity to take control and with the assistance of some of the other guys we held the squad together.

*AUS* continued to grow and grow in numbers and then Battlefield was released. Some of the *AUS* members wanted to play the game so that was when it was decided to form a Network and have separate Division’s. This saw the opportunity with persistence on my behalf to get Camouflage back as the Network Commander and each Division having their own Commanders.

Still today this is how *AUS* operates. We have A Delta Force, Battlefield, Star Wars, COD and Joint Operations Division. The Battlefield Division is mainly the most active Division to date.

We have also had a Vietcong, Medal of Honour, Tom Clancy, Quake divisions however they have since closed down

*AUS* were involved in a lot of Tournaments, can you tell us more?
Yes we were, Camouflage ran the squad differently to me. I am a very competitive person and I guess I still am but when I took over the Leadership I made a point to the guys that with a lot of hard work we can beat the best squads and at the time, this was *AIF*. To the point you would say they cheated, because they were very good but I knew it was because they had solid tactics and they knew how to work together. We entered tournaments and we trained up to 3 to 4 nights a week. This was intense, we had tactic technicians writing strategies on the specific maps. We knew exactly how long it would take to get to a certain point etc etc.
Now when we competed in these Tournaments, we did smash squads to the point I felt sad for them and then I felt what it was like when we played *AIF*. Well in that Tournament we beat *AIF* in the rounds and I still remember it was intense, on the edge of the chair stuff however when we met again in the Finals they won but man it was a match.

From there we played many different Tournaments winning some and placing in others. We entered in Over Seas Tournaments but the lag but it very hard for us and it was something you really had to train for.
How many members did *AUS* have in it’s peek?
Wow, as a squad before the Network was formed I would say 30 to 40. When the Network was formed and DF, BF, Star Wars were in the prime it would have been over 100

Will *AUS* reunite if another Novalogic game is released?
The DF Division is fairly inactive at the moment however we still chat through the forums, Facebook etc hoping one day a new tile will be released so the answer is Yes.

You also served in the AU Army, can you tell us more?
Something I wanted to do. I had no other passion at school. Completed Year 12 and joined at the young age of 17. Completed 20 years’ service and discharged 3 years ago.

Deployed to Timor and Afghanistan on Operations.
Piss trips in England and USA, fun times lol

Is it true, to be an *AUS* member you must of been in the forces at some point?
No not at all. I was the only Army member when I joined and I did have some other Army mates join up after me when they saw what I did but the rest of the guys and girls came from all walks of life.

Do you still play PC games in any way?
I try when I get the time, in my prime when *AUS* was active, I was single and no kids. These days I am married with 2 boys and I make a big effort to be with my kids as much as possible as I lost a lot of time with them when I was deployed.

When my youngest was born, 3 days later I had to fly back to Afghanistan for another 4 months. It was sad at the time but at the same time I was happy the Army got me home for the birth. When you are sitting at the Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan and getting told that the Taliban are attempting to fire RPG rockets at the planes that are taking off then you don’t have high hopes of getting home but they did.

When I get the time, I play Squad, BF4 and some single player games. I also improve my technology experience as it changes every day!

Anything you would like to say to the community?
Someone tell Nova to get the next game out!! Lol
Just to say thanks to everyone. The Delta Force Community was very good both within Australia and International. We had a ball playing the game.
Added: March 31st 2016
Reviewer: ~BLÃÐE~
Hits: 688

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