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Sharky-oZi- [2004]
This month’s interview is with web designer, php-coder, and founder of the DFNCL (Delta Force Non Cheat League): Sharky-oZi-

Name: Mark [aka Shark –oZi-]
Location: USA
Occupation: Environmental Chemistry
Age: 43

Welcome to Nova-Outpost:

Q: First off I would like to ask where it all began and how you got involved with it all?
A: For many years I had my own website design business and did quite well. Most if not all of my knowledge came from the “school of hard knocks” I self taught myself most if not all of what I know.

Q: You have a site at www.dfncl.com/html/ what was the inspiration to start this site?
A: It started back in DF1 when cheaters were taking over the game, myself, War and Holo with the support of a few squads felt that the DFNCL was a way to take the game back.

Q: I see DFNCL has won some site awards, can you tell us more?
A: The award we have won are for our website design and overall how we do our best to keep the site running.

Q: What are you plans for the future of your site?
A: Currently our plans are to expand the site with new and cutting edge PHP scripts to help better manage the league. I along with a few excellent php coders are going to develop a cutting edge league managing script. We will in the future offer this script free to others who wish to use it.

Q: Are you involved with any other sites?
A: Yes, www.ozisquad.net www.dfncl.org www.morningcoffee.net

Q: Being from the USA and doing lots of work for us Aussies, how does with pan out with time differences and such?
A: It hard but most of the time I do what I can over the weekends or by meeting with the other Admins during the early AM hours in Aussie time.

Q: What projects have you been involved with and how did they go?
A: The main project I am working on now is Babstats, www.babstats.com, along with the DFNCL. I have done work on modding for BHD/BHDTS with converting DF1, DF2, LW, and TFD terrains but that project is on hold at the moment.

Q: What is your favorite DF Game and how many hours a week do you play these days?
A: Well my heart is still in DF1 cause for me that is where it all started, but I am enjoying BHD/BHDTS. I play as much as I can but only play in matches as my free time is limited and don’t allow me much to muck around in public servers.

Q: Where do you see the future of DF Gaming going?
A: Well like any online game you can only hope that the game developers continue with more games for us to play, just sometimes you would like to see a game released that has no issues or see the game completely fixed before they move on to a new game.

Q: What tips would you give someone just getting into starting there own site?
A: Take your time and plan it out before you start. Today with the highly used PHP Nuke you really can’t go wrong and I would suggest to anyone to use that instead of doing an HTML site. The ease of php over html is just great, but you should have a good understanding of html if you really want to make your php site that much better.

Q: What is you favorite site to visit?
A: I really don’t have a favorite site; there are many good sites out there to see.
Added: October 21st 2015
Reviewer: ~BLÃÐE~
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